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luni, 20 ianuarie 2014

Visit To Mr Juergen Mattern

The Main purpose of the trip was to get all the parts together. Everything i need  to  get my new 101 /741 project on the street this year , and so i did , with the Help of Mr Mattern , that is dealing with Indians and parts for Indians for more than 20 Years, and his fabulous stock of old / new parts .

Thank  to  people like Mr Mattern that are providing parts for Indians  ( ) we can still ride a  Motorcycle older than 80 years   Daily!!!! and not only for collecting and looking at it !

So this was much more than only a searching for parts trip . it was learning a lot more about Indians , and getting exactly what i was looking for ( maybe More )

For mr Matterns  web-page click following link :

Thank you Mr Mattern !

 Mr Mattern & my engine for the 101/741 project  on the  surgery desk  !

                                  A painting lost BTW indian parts :)
                                                 Army Grease !
                                             Indian Standard Scout
                                                   My engine getting inspected
                                          Mr Mattern's 741 that is having some engine repair
                                              Standard scout with custom alloy Fenders .

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