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joi, 27 decembrie 2012

Technology leather case ...

My friend artist Catalin  Zaharia stopped by to have some drinks , and to show me  his new drawing device and phone so the idea was to build for him a nice vintage  leather case !
While i was looking for some sheet leather i like , he already draw this on the phone !

luni, 24 decembrie 2012

Federal stock Blackout light & Marker light

Just got two more accesories for the military indian 741 scouty , One sealed  in oil ,  Marker light .
and one blackout light that i will install on the handlebar !
The marker light was installed on mlitary 741 scouts front fender , instead of the civilian indian head !

Yes we did open the marker light pakage , and there we go , conected it to 12v , and works perfect !

duminică, 23 decembrie 2012

Indian 741 Racer Project

I decided to put all the parts together that i have for years now , in my garage for the Indian scout racer Project !

The project will use an indian 741 engine , a very rare and strange vintage frame . I got this frame together with an indian 741 engine in it , long time ago ! 
The strange thing is that the engine fits very  good in the frame , specially the rear gearbox part , so i guess the frame must be custom made one in that era .. or who knows ...
If somebody can give me any details about the frame please e-mail or post the info !



luni, 17 decembrie 2012

The racing Motorcycle , Technical guide for constructors !

A Very Nice Present for me From Mr  Tony  Carabine ( Indian Trading UK) &  Moen ( Indian Parts europe ) ! There is so much usefull Info in there,  that will help a lot  getting better performance in Custombike-building , and go to a next level in frame-building  and engineering stuff !
Thank you Guys !


so , i installed The Bead roller  and started playing ... the result : some beautiful things !:)
the beadroller makes sheet metal parts also very rigid ! so now i can go down from 3mm sheet alloy ( used on the 916 cafe racer ) to half of the weight using 1.5 mm sheet alloy !
less weight , more rigid , better looking ... what more do we need ?