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sâmbătă, 28 ianuarie 2012

New stuff ...

Nice military box for my spare Linkert Carb !

Off topic :)

After a few beers , my friend Catalin Zaharia was inspired, took someting out of his bizzare mind , and made a drawing for me ..:)

I made him a sheet leather...

miercuri, 25 ianuarie 2012

Bastybikes Stickers / Stainless patches

Bastybikes stickers & stainless steel patches!

Dnepr/ Ural Valve Cover mould !

A friend sad to me he could make some ceramic Moulds, for casting my Covers For the Ural . I liked them so much , that I didn't want to use them ! I prefer to keep them, because each casting of each part needs another Mould like this ! So I will use sand casting . Thx ! to Ceramic Artist Mocanu Gabriel , His portofolio here :

marți, 24 ianuarie 2012