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joi, 19 septembrie 2013

Some nice pictures of " the pioneer " & Tony

             Tony & his toys , the Pioneer and one nice custom made Indian scout  741 dispatch tow .
                                    More details about the build of the bikes on :

Indian 741 / 101 concept frame building

Indian scout 741 /101 frame assembly in special built Frame jig .


                                               asymmetry on frame for the generator drive

vineri, 13 septembrie 2013

indian scout 741/ 101 custom lug frame .

Assembly device for the frame neck lug using CAD engineering lasercutting and cnc metalbending .

 After some days of lugs building .

                                                  Jig  for the lug under the seat .


                                            beginning of the main frame assembly & welding jig

                                         For aligning everything in place i got a lot of help with the new tooling
                                         I did like the precision of the angle measuring tool . that is 0.01 Grad.
                                         it really takes a lot of time to build things really straight ,
                                           especially when something needs welding .!

                                           Lego style mounted frame , no welding , waiting for the frame jig to be ready ,                                           so everything can be welded in place precise & aligned
                                                                 Frame Jig alignment

                                                         lower lugs and frame end