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luni, 22 iulie 2013

Week-end Ride

The week-end Ride to a local Russian sidecar Rally , unfortunately we have very few old-timer meetings over-here , but the Russian sidecar enthusiasts welcomed also my American bike :)

Thank you Raluca for taking all this pictures during the ride :)

Barnfind ...Help for identification

A big car Bosch headlamp ... looks to me like a 40's 30 ';s part

a Ford Fuel / oilpressure gauge from 20's 30's ?

and a nice working speedo in Km ... the guy who gave them to me told me they are from a Benz .

If anybody can identify any part  it would be nice to share the info with us !

sâmbătă, 13 iulie 2013

Some ideeas for the Triumph Rocket 3 project

Triumph Rocket 3 Cafe / shake / brat -Racer . comming up !

marți, 9 iulie 2013

Oil sump cleaning Together with the evening ice cold Beer !

Oil didn't return any more in the tank ...Hmm what should it be,  i never touched the oil sump ... finally i discovered  some dirt at the sump valve  and that the oil line was loose ...
of course if i already was there , i cleaned the  oil line and fittings of that ugly cadmium plating to see the beautiful copper oil line and Nuts '

luni, 8 iulie 2013

New Indian 741 Engine to rebuild .

After having drinks and fun all the week-end , The courier-Post  Man insisted and woke me up early in the morning to receive this fantastic parts , that will be restored to another indian motorcycle  engine soon .

Thank you very much Pascal !!!!

This is what we Call a good starting base for building up an indian engine ! comparing with what i already have .

Local Biker meeting

We are building Indian Motorcycles using Indian Motorcycles .


As you can see in pictures We do not use indians only for rally's , and to be cool at oldtimer meetings.
We use our motorbikes to theyr fully capacity and we are proud of this !

We are Proudly Building Indian Motorbikes  Using Indian motorbikes for this  :)) Maybe a dispatch Tow Indian motorbike will be better in the future :)

Bebe from Anarchy Custom

Bebe just arrived at out workshop , riding his Suzuki Gs Bratstyle / Chop he modified himself ,and riding it for many Miles now.

it all started with some serious projects and thoughts  , but finally ended with Grills and Drinks !


miercuri, 3 iulie 2013

New Indian project mixture ! scout 101 (frame and fork ) with scout 741 engine.!

Bobber / Racer Kit  101 look a like , introducing a new feature at the New bastybikes leaf spring fork . Adjustable Height  ( adjustable 25 mm ) . 
Frame will use lugs as on many vintage bikes , and the good old brazing technique . 
I hope to have the frame / fork lighter as the original 101 frame that uses steel- casted lugs . 


Copper Dog bones Fully adjustable for the indian scout 741 / sport scout