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duminică, 23 octombrie 2011

vineri, 21 octombrie 2011

lot of solutions for today!...

light ideeas?

some light racing Bolts for the fender fittings on the sporty racer !

Ducati Desmodromic ...

my Ducati 916 desmo heads, had some damaged levers so I had to buy a 3-rd head and get the good ones in my engine ...
so i have a 3-rd head that was just assembled without any spring so you can turn the cams and open valves with very gently moves ... !

marți, 18 octombrie 2011

Ducati 916 Cafe racer

Solved my problem ! After rebuilding this beautiful desmoquatro engine , I wanted to see more of that parts while running ....Like clutch , cam gear , intake ...

vineri, 14 octombrie 2011

First Thought

I got to see this while riding the Bike!!
It is the ducati desmoquatro intake ... SOOO straight that you can actually see the valves !
So if I would design the tank in that way ... I can really see all that ...during rumbeling the street!

Desmoquatro Music

Lego playing is Done !

Engine is Rummbeling ....
next ... my favorite part ... taking off the big original Ducati tank ....And start to create the new image of my 916 ... She already got me out from the workshop for a short Ride ... Woow!

I don't know why but i use "she " when i think about my Ducati ...
Maybe because the ducati specialist told me : " Ducati's are exactly as Italian woman , they need a lot of attention and maintenance ..but they are Sexy!

New Sporty in Town !

Forget the Police Evo! The Racer will get a 1200 sporty engine ..!
Started to build the engine mountings ....

duminică, 9 octombrie 2011

Some nice front ends !

the springers and leafer are handkrafted in my workshop ! Girder belongs to an 741 indian scout :)

Metalshapeing time !