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luni, 25 februarie 2013

joi, 21 februarie 2013

marți, 19 februarie 2013

indian scout 741 Speedo bracket Rebuilding

Handbeaten speedo bracket  ( and one black nail ) :))

The old one was broken  so mr Juergen Mattern ( ) helped out with some good measurements !
Thank you Juergen !

Indian scout Building Day again ...

I completly rebuild the old handlebar on the scouty ( the old one had some damaged tubes ) using some aircraft quality 3mm thick tubes (" total overkill" as a specialist sad ) , so doing this i also decided to build a custom one , a bid wider and higher than stock ...  because my knees where touching  the handlabar when taking corners !
 Funny thing is i see a lot of big guys riding indian scout 741 's , i guess they have the same problem !

Next : testing them on the bike, and after , they can be completed !

duminică, 17 februarie 2013

Ducati SS Metalshapping

Vintage aircraft style , front fearing  for the italian lady !

Ducati St 2

Side view of the St2 Racer !

miercuri, 13 februarie 2013

Indian scout Engine restauration progress

Got some straight cylinders today ,  slowly we are getting there :)

custom Foorboards for the indian

In black powder-coat and some good thick Transylvanian Leather !

duminică, 10 februarie 2013

Indian scout Footboards

Some nice handmade custom made, steel& Leather foot-boards,  to replace the  stock  rubber covered ones !

Evening Chess game

luni, 4 februarie 2013

Flathead Power

The indian scout 741 Heads polished interior and planned ! 


duminică, 3 februarie 2013