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marți, 27 martie 2012

The Gun's Cafe '...

Kawa with Bastybikes Heck & Handlebar 

sâmbătă, 24 martie 2012

Solo MK 40

A friend's Retromofa ....We Just took a look at how it would look like .... It would look great as a racer, except the fact that the dude riding it would look very stupid in that position at a  maximum speed of 45 KM !! :)

sâmbătă, 10 martie 2012

Dinamo powered military Phone

Made in Romania ! I think in the 50's !
I like it a lot , most of all the texture of the material from with the box is made  ! and the message on the top !
Does anyone know how this material is called in English?

The top of the layer Cake ,is the Message  :
"Atentie Dusmanul asculta " ! :)
Warning , Your enemy is listening  ! Please put down the Micro Receptor in the right position !
I also like the meaning of  MICRO Receptor  in that time :))

Scout 741 Wheel Hub restauration

vineri, 2 martie 2012

This should keep me busy next week :)

After Making a lot of phone calls and searching the web, for finding wheels for my 741 Scout ! Didn't find anything except New Reproduction Parts ( expensive ) ! I Somehow gave up, and sad : I will use a pair of wheels of any other old motorcycle brand ... till I find  original Scout 741 ones  .  Mr Tony Carabine helped My Scout  Project out ! With some nice Original Hubs , braking , Handlebar   and other parts to complete The Missing Part list !Who thought i will cruse around the scout with original wheels this summer  :)
Thx Mr Tony !  See Tony and his crew   Nice Projects here :

Dnepr Kickstarter ...