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miercuri, 27 noiembrie 2013

luni, 25 noiembrie 2013

Happy Robert !

Robert making the assembly of his Customized Harley davison sportster .

                     Basty Basty MY finger got stucked Between the crankase and flywheel !!!!
                   The flywheel went nice and easy, in the bearing of the crankcase , locking roberts finger , but     it will not come back out easy! go Basty  use a bigger hammer
                                        Still nothing happened ! finger still locked !
                                          instruction manual

                                 Gearbox mock-up .

                                     Top end  mounting .

Ducati ST 2 Racer back on the working bench !

After a long break on the ducati , i have missed some challenging ducati action . so here we go.

                                          2mm fixing bracket instead of using 5-6mm ,
                       To get the same rigidity , i have shaped the border downwards . very light and rigid !

                                   Fuel injection. taken apart , and fitted in the new Tank.

joi, 21 noiembrie 2013

German triumph TWN engine

Everybody came back with something nice from Bucharest !
As builders usually use to make trades between them , we got this rolling beauty .
It is a german triumph TWN ( Triumph Werke Nuremberg  ) 500 cc overhead valve engine.

miercuri, 20 noiembrie 2013

Trip to Bucuresti Daytona Twins chopshop customising shop.

This is one place in Bucarest , where you will forget that you are in busy Bucarest .
 One addiction ,one man , Mr VOVA  from Daytona Twins, that is chopping cars and bikes now , since the 80's and apparently his attraction to the chop / custom culture  is growing each year , not going away .

 Even if our country is getting you a lot of disappointments as a custom bike builder, 
there are a handful of people ( growing now each year ) doing chopping / customizations in our country , mr Vova is one of the pioneers of Romanian custom-bike/ hotrod Culture !

We are very happy to visit people like him . 

Beside This , our Friend Vio got himself a brand new 88 S&S Panhead ,carefully  built by Daytona Twins .

More of MR Vova 's Work Here :

                                                  Happy Vio '

                                       Another cool bike that will soon Cruze our small city !

More cool  workshop pictures / projects  from Daytona Twins : 

 The beautiful view from outside:

marți, 12 noiembrie 2013