stick a Label

sâmbătă, 28 aprilie 2012

The cafe ...

My eyes dilate , my lips go green ,
My hands are greasy
She's a mean mean Machine !
              Rolling Stones 

Cafe racer Fun on dirt!

duminică, 15 aprilie 2012

Oxi-Gaz tools ...

and some nice nuts ...

joi, 12 aprilie 2012

M's Wehrmacht Bastard !

Hey Basty, 
As you can see, my 2006 URAL Retro is now completed, and with your fine valve cover, I think It looks cool now, a real Wehrmacht bastard !

But I still prefer Metal !

The TUV Likes Yellow :)

marți, 3 aprilie 2012

Details Details..

The Ducati Regulator , Painted them black and polished the fins ...

duminică, 1 aprilie 2012

Eastern Way...

While I  finished with the Spoke re-hammering for building shorter spokes , just had the thought that : 
Part Catalogs are very use full  For building Bikes !So i started to use them :)