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joi, 24 martie 2011

miercuri, 23 martie 2011

Wolf seats ....

Started work at two new Ural wolf seats with new model springs

One will be dark brown / brown one black ....

Each stichwhole is manually made


Added Some handmade cooper latches to amoko's tool/electric box

joi, 17 martie 2011

Amoko's handlebar


Suzuki Gs

Mounted it together to see how it looks ... still waiting for the new brakepads, throttle / clutch cables ... and for a nice paintjob for the tank and the fender ....

Also tryed my ducaty fearing on the gs .... and it Rocks' but still it is my ducati's fairing ... a lot of hours of work :)

New tube bender

As building bikes i sometimes like to build my own tools ...made a second type with the frame more slimmer so i can have more space for the bending ...i am also thinking to transform one of them in a tube bender that will manually role the bubes to left and right so i can get very large continous diameter of bending ....

vineri, 11 martie 2011

My ex norton dominator

Just found pictures with my old norton I have buyed when i was 19 years old ...and after some while traded it for my indian scout project

miercuri, 9 martie 2011

What job do you have?

When i am usually asked what job do you have ? and I don't know exactly what to answer... custombikebuilder ?.... many people dont understand how much jobs you have to get together to get a motorcyle to life so i asked my friend Catalin Zaharia Aka "Master" to make some sketches with the jobs i have to do as a custombikebuilder secretary, engineering ... driver... cleaning . ... painter.... mechanic ... more of catalin zaharia 's work here : !

Yamaha roadstar transmision problem solved ! :)

The fabricators of the yamaha roadstar custombikes used the original chainpuley for the monster 360 so it broke after some thousends of miles ..:( .. i projected a longer gearbox axle with a much longer surface for the new larger chainpulley...In pictures the new axle that just arrived from the miracle machinering guys ...:) miracle guys , because il looks better to me then the original Yamaha CORP. 's quality ... and we shound never underestimate japan technology isen't it?

grinding / polishing activity

some pictures of the grinding/polishing part part of some stainless steel foot controls for softtail frame ... . Started with the anglegrinder with some very hard sandpaper P60 to get out the deep skratches . then used 3 diferent sandpaper granulations from P40 to P 120 ... then circular sandpaper brusches from P100 to 600 ...and then finally the circular polishing ... the 5 colors are 5 diferent polish granulations ... so aprox 15 diferent proceses each one takes from 15-30 min / each part to have a good quality polish ...