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joi, 30 august 2012

Electric Box for the Honda Magna 750

A box that should hold 9 electric Parts , Gasoline pump , Engine coolant , and gas tank !
all in this little Bomb , that should be placed under the seat of the bike !

miercuri, 22 august 2012

The Ton up Boys On the Trail of Dracula :)

Mr Gabi Jderu's visit together with film Producer and Racing Pilot ... Peter Starr ,and ZED ZAWADA ...on brand new BMW's :) on the trail of Dracula for the Motor Cyclist Magazine USA :

Peter Starr Produced a lot of good quality racing movies!
His history here :

I also attached some pictures from Mr Peter Starr  working together with Mike Hailwood   in  early days !

vineri, 17 august 2012

The Wolfie !

The wolfie with lower handlebar

vineri, 3 august 2012

Honda magna Choppin '

Got also some cool t-shirts : 
Cool Custom bikes and record braking  at the salt flats !

Thx Mr Tony , Vick  and Four Aces !

Handmade leathers and Indian stamp for Mr Tony carabine's Indian  Knucklehead metisse   Custom  Project  ...  
Stamped in England .

joi, 2 august 2012

Jack Daniels Fuel level indicator

A good old friend had this crazy idea...  why not using  a small jack bottle to indicate the fuel level ??
I think it is a great idea , and just found a reliable  way to solve the clean fixing of the glass , to resist the vibrations of a Harley and  the leakage of gasoline !

Next :choose a bubble Gas-tank !