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joi, 21 martie 2013

Ducati SS headlight

The fitting of the headlight of the first cafe racer  i did build ( Ducati 916 ) with rigid headlight  fitting , so the new challenge is, to make an Mecanical ( based on mecanic action and springs ) adjustable Headlight  that schould be easyly adjustable from the inside of the fairing ....

Lighter tank fitting solutions ...

in pictures the thick fat ear that used to hold the tank in place used for a chopper  the challenge   is,  to create lightness ( replaces a lot of horsepower and from many other reasons )  and stiffness .
i have re-designed fitting ears ..little details , that always  make the difference !

Aerospace -tech Riveting for my alloy bodywork

Got today this Cherry  Aerospace , quality rivets ,  for the alloy  bodywork riveting  , They offer milions of reasons of using them instead an usual blind rivet from the supermarket  !
I can already see a complete vintage car bodywork built ,  :)
should this be the next challenge ?

miercuri, 13 martie 2013

Ducati 750 SS "light as an airplane "

The new "light as an Airplane " Ducati SS ...

conical profiled stiffness structure to keep the front fairing/ speedo   in place !

                                                    Gaspump in tank

luni, 11 martie 2013

Norton Atlas 750 SS Tune Up racer !

A beautiful basis for building one  Bad ass Cafe Racer one day !
It is powered by an Norton Atlas 750 ss engine , but it has a lot of Tune ups made in the 70's and 80's By the man that rode this Motorbike for more than 30 years!
Bigger diameter intake Valves , double Dellorto  vintage racing Carbs , Bigger Bore ( the old man estimates around 900cc , Artizanal cylinder !
The frame/ transmission  is comming from the Norton dominator 650 ... so the bike is already a hybrid :)
First Kick , and it was rumbling ! A real Tune Up Rocker Machine !

                                               Norton Atlas 750 SS 80's tune up Sound !  music !

vineri, 8 martie 2013

Goodies for my Indian Military scout !

This nice parts for the military scout just arrived , between them  one nice NOS  Official US government !

This beautiful parts where purchased from Mr Juergen Mattern !

Thank you Juergen !

marți, 5 martie 2013

Mesinger Cavalry vintage seat

this beautiful seat just arrived !
I will use it on  the indian  741 racer/custom project .
Thx Andreas !

vineri, 1 martie 2013

Desmo's & Posing Bulldog Chief !

Desmo Italian Family .. Fender pair for everybody !

Ducati ST 2
                                                                        Ducati SS