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vineri, 18 ianuarie 2013

indian scout 741 Dog bone & handlebar casting

Custom made dog bone raisers for indian scout 741 !
In the pictures the bare Casting  and finished part .....hard work !
now some time has to pass to get the nice look i was looking for :)

Raisers also installed on handmade front springer end ! 

duminică, 13 ianuarie 2013

Hand made stoplight

Sunday evening Metal scratching

 after some good housewine , found this Bare valve cover alu casting and started scratching it ...
the result .. one complete aberation

Wind Sculpture on Bucegi Mountins

We needed to take a day off from the workshop, and go in nature to admire some real artwork of nature  !

sâmbătă, 12 ianuarie 2013

joi, 10 ianuarie 2013

Wanted Badly !

If anyone has one like this at home in usable condition please e-mail me !
I offer money  work  or parts in compensation !
It can be any make not necessarily Singer  but it should be Pre 1940 , for Leather ! ... and working !

Thank you !

8 years ago .. Rat & Basty

The Rat was unmounted to make some new modifications to the frame , I modiefied the frame for the second time to a single downtube  and a ghoosenneck style ! Other nice projects captured my interest so the frame stayed in the Backyard , till now ...:) The frame will Go To Alexandru in Chisinau to rebuild the rat with the new frame!

marți, 8 ianuarie 2013

Go Rudolf ... fly ...

The most funny thing Today :))
 Arpad ( already a Ducati specialist ,  with already  working hours together with his father on ducati Motorbikes )  & Bella big Sister   using Chief to pull their slide !

Chief , where is the red nose ???

luni, 7 ianuarie 2013

Shrinking hammer test

Now that the whole day was only about cleaning ,  I decided to make a nice  lamp , for reading Great books in the evening .
decided to push stretching to the limit using  a sheet 1.5mm alloy  .. and after several tests got to this nice mount for the Lamp :)

The sample in the images below  is made from straight  sheet metal alloy !

A shape like this was simply impossible  for me to shrink by hammer ! or maybe if it would be possible ( nothing is impossible )... but probably  with a lot of work and some helping tools like a shaping stencil  ( that would help forming it , and would be very expensive to produce )

As you can see in the image above there is a big difference between the steel dies and the Teflon dies ( used for alloy )

Now that the light is on I can get back to reading :)

miercuri, 2 ianuarie 2013