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luni, 7 ianuarie 2013

Shrinking hammer test

Now that the whole day was only about cleaning ,  I decided to make a nice  lamp , for reading Great books in the evening .
decided to push stretching to the limit using  a sheet 1.5mm alloy  .. and after several tests got to this nice mount for the Lamp :)

The sample in the images below  is made from straight  sheet metal alloy !

A shape like this was simply impossible  for me to shrink by hammer ! or maybe if it would be possible ( nothing is impossible )... but probably  with a lot of work and some helping tools like a shaping stencil  ( that would help forming it , and would be very expensive to produce )

As you can see in the image above there is a big difference between the steel dies and the Teflon dies ( used for alloy )

Now that the light is on I can get back to reading :)

3 comentarii:

  1. I am very happy for you!!! Now that you have the right tools the only thing is about creating beautiful bikes... It is a dream come true for me to have a bike build by you. Thanks for building the Ducati for me and being a good friend ! Paul

  2. :) Paulie , it is very strange to talk to you in english :) But still , it would be quite strange to talk Romanian if the whole blog is in english :)

    You are welcome Paulie ...i hope i can get some nice lines for your Ducati St Racer ...


  3. hello.. what toolls used to make shape like this .. ): thx very much