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sâmbătă, 26 octombrie 2013

Raluca Playing with the engraving Machine .

Apparently raluca also got infected by the Indian Motorcycle scene :)
 so here it  is,  her first test , that looks woderfull .

miercuri, 23 octombrie 2013


                                                 Thank You Guys for the cool t-shirts !

luni, 21 octombrie 2013

"The Pioneer " in the BSH Magazine !

A nice article in the BSH custom bike magazine  about the special  Indian / Knucklehead custom-bike " The Pioneer . A great collaboration of 3 custom bike builders : Indian Trading Uk , Destiny Cycles and us , Bastybikes Art.
more in the article . The issue is Now in stores ( November 2013 issue 355)  , Go grab it , it also has a nice POster with the pioneer .
HAve fun  .

Copper , Brass & Silver soldering Tank for the Indian 101/741 project .


                                                       SEAT MOUNT .

sâmbătă, 12 octombrie 2013

German Victoria Motorcycle , back to life !

We where invited to see the finished Victoria and  assist Vio starting It .
Very nice work done by its owner . And  a great sound too!

And in his living room ,  a rebuilt Flathead engine waiting for a 101/741 fork + frame

Autumn Ride on Hills .

                  Maybe the most spectacular time to ride  a Bike.

duminică, 6 octombrie 2013

Bulldog Vs Norton

while testdriving sunday , chief took his role in serious . too serious maybe . so serious that he had to show us he is faster that his other British rival :))

the start:
Video 1

finish :
Video 2

great sunday :)

joi, 3 octombrie 2013

Norton Cafe racer

The Norton got some attention in the evenings of the last week so i mounted on the front a home-made front fork ( made by the same man Munteanu Florin  that also Had the machine for more than 30 years and rode it  probably over 100.000 km ) Fork is running on air / springs ( air for fine adjusting ) . i added an original Road-holder fork upper three , and the home made lower one .

As the engine is all modified to bigger bore , home made  cylinders  , Modified timing , Racing Cams , Bigger valves , bigger bored cylinder-head (intake exhaust )  twin  Racing Dellorto Carburetor , there is no repair manual for this bike , there is only the man who built it , that knows everything in the engine.
We made an inspection on the engine and everything looks good on the inside :)

I changed the oem oiltank as it could only be fitted sideways because of the Dellorto Carbs & filter . and i made a new alloy oiltank , closed the frame in the rear , and added a stainless battery tray that should hold a small battery . Polished the timing part .

Indian frame progress

                                 Rear wheel is a Norton one Front wheel M-72 Russian make .                                                

                                   Tank mounting and upper engine mount ( weld on part )

                                                   Tank mounting ..
                                           Norton Rear wheel adapted
                                                  Tank mount

marți, 1 octombrie 2013

Hurry Up Robert , Snow is here !