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miercuri, 29 ianuarie 2014

Nice !

The New italian Ducati Racer made some noise !

All the technology ( fuel Pump , Fuel filter , Fuel sump , fuel Litro-meter , tank cap , injection mount ) in in and on the tank working perfect :)
Now next step will be to get all the electric components in place .

Ducati / Indian / Norton Clutches.

The reason why we like brands like Norton / Indian / Vintage Harleys / Ducati's  is because , beside the fact that you can ride them daily , they have great mechanical details like for example  the clutch !

Clutches in comparison .
The indian scout 741  clutch With modern Greer clutch plates - 1940
the Norton Dominator clutch 1960
And the Ergal ( modern compound alloy ) Basket for Ducati 916.-2000

i found this Clutch view interesting .

Indian gearbox+ transmision cleaning +checking.

This is what we call The best Condition to start restoring an indian engine .
I love this condition.

 Primary Drive:

After 70 years  still original clutch plates .

The most nice&simple&basic  transmision i have opened .
If all this will be nice in place and well maintained , with modern oils , this bike could run for sure another 70 years from now :) .

I have also exchanged the gearbox chain sprocket with a bigger one 2 Teeth more to get a bigger cruising speed  .

The V2 Indian Flathead cleaned, with new gaskets & skrews , back together .

LOng long  life Flatheads !

luni, 20 ianuarie 2014

And again Back Home .

The Big adventure was the way back home , in a public bus for 30 Hours with 130 Kg of old indian Parts !
The challenge was to get the parts safe home without   braking anything !
Big party at home when i arrived !
Ralu& Chief where very happy to see my new parts  !