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duminică, 9 ianuarie 2011

ural wolf rims

paint and cooper plating combination ...for the wolf rims

sâmbătă, 8 ianuarie 2011

yamaha roadstar custom swingarm rebuilding ..

finally got the roadstars swingarm out ... now it is drawing time


CHECKED TODAY THE Swap in my village .. found this two nice stamps!
so who is cooler than the Magyar post?

vineri, 7 ianuarie 2011

from mini lathe to Big boy named "Schiel"

starting to learn basics to operate lathes ...

Yamaha roadstar upgrade

wanted to take out the chain gear and and oh bad surprize it was welded :(

Well the bike just checked in again for a excentric chain adjusting system .. ( it was build without chain adjustment) quite tricky.... one side swingarm ... the bike also needs new ax in the gearbox (longer ax) that schould resist that offset lenght the 360 tyre needs:)
one of the lots of reasones i love 130max 150 tyres ..:)

Chief wondering about the new bling colors in my workshop ..:)

The orange HD just came in for a bastybikes spring seat/ footpads and new stainless handlebar ..