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luni, 24 iunie 2013

Hand shaped metal from sheet metal to a work of art of Radical Ducati Spain .

I have just finished the first concept tank for Radical Ducati Spain that should be also TUV tested in spain .
The Radical Ducati  Team is one of the world best and popular ducati Tuning & customizing Team!

Concept & design is property of Radical Ducati Spain 

check out their great bikes and parts , also the place where the tank will soon be available for sale :


Chain lube

As much as i liked the sound of the generator Chain  without the cover , it just needs more oil than i can offer by spraying from time to time on the front generator chain , so i decided to close it and put some oil steam  inlet that comes from the oil tank . The same for the rear chain .
OIL  on the house :)

Indian scout 741 front fender marker light or indian head ?

I just made a test to see witch of the 3 marker lights i like more. Hard to take a decision as both military lights are NOS ...hmmm the Indian head brilliant ...

I do like a lot the Indian Head , but i guess i am just "allergic" on chromed parts from the chrome abuse i had in my childhood as a bike-builder .There was no black spray can in the Zone  to cover that chrome fast and dirty ,  so the winner was the small military marker light.


Ride ride ride ...

 The Red one is a german Simson Awo  250cc , a bike that i see running in the streets for more than 10 years now . ( very few of them left,  the rest got all sold to the west , and people did choose to ride "modern bikes " ) the owner has this bike since 1991 and uses this bike for daily purpose , and utility purpose since then . First it was  build to be a racer , it had also a front fairing , but unfortunately it was smashed in accident .
Now  times are chaining ' says the owner and he wants to rebuild it to the original look .
i guess this is part of a complete  biker life , also when you own a bike for so long .

 On the road
 Getting started

vineri, 7 iunie 2013

Anarchy Custom Romania

 Bad ass Chop' Bob ' Brat combination , made by Anarchy Custom  Romania , using an Suzuki Gs 550 basis . the project has a narrowed  Bastybikes front springer end  , modified by Anarchy custom ( springer was build to fit wide tyre in front , and the Dnepr frame neck ) .

Nice work Bebe !


Nicu & Bebe 

marți, 4 iunie 2013

New Motorcycle on the market ! it is not a Harley It is not an Indian ... It is the best of both !! The new Khief

Built by Destiny Cycles England & Indian trading UK , with Leafer fork , tank strap , floorboards , Battery box , and seat ( leather-work ) made by Bastybikes ART Transylvania !

The idea to build this combination of Indian Motorcycle and Harley Davidson Knucklehead  , did arise in Tony's Shop ( Indian Trading UK ) and in my opinion it was a wonderful Idea !
The combination also has created also a  New name " Indian Khief "
Have a look at the nice Detail work of Destiny Cycles England  / Indian Trading UK  !

The bike will be presented in the next issue of the BSH ( back street heroes custom magazine ) !