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sâmbătă, 22 septembrie 2012

Man , Machine , Cave! 8 Years ago...

Photography By Valentin Padurean AKA "OG"

joi, 20 septembrie 2012

Indian scout

added fenders , exaust muffler , and air filter :)

marți, 18 septembrie 2012

Scaled model for the region of Braila Island

 A helping hand to my girlfriend,  for her landscape project on the big Island of Braila ( close to the Delta Dunarii  ) , one of the best places in Romania for agriculture !

Ducati ss750 !

You take a front damaged Ducati ss , you add a new wheel , a Ducati Monster front light , and you have a cool looking, tork giving ,good rumbleling  ,  Italian Naked bike !!!

dis-assembly/assembly done by Motorbolt  , frame  alignment  by Bastybikes !
The rest of the details will be made by The Gun !

Usefull tipp : inline 4 engines are NO fun !

duminică, 16 septembrie 2012

Honda Magna 750 mock-up!

I was so enthusiast  about the Indian, that I forgot to add the other two bikes that i fixed during this time !
One of them a Honda Magna That has a Bastybikes electric box , fender , single seat , handlebar and battery box , and a chopped frame in the rear !
Electric really sucks on this kind of bike i recommend do not try this at home !
and i Hope this is the last v4 that has business with me :)

Csaby the Ducati Nazi :) , is  still hearing Prince super hits of the 80's like purple rain :)) when looking to the stock Magna pictures!!

Indian Scout primary look up ...

Had a look at the primary chain , everything looks in place ... the friction discs are actually brand new Original Raybestos discs !

cleaned everything new gasket and mounted it in place again ...

another test run with the Scouty

much better :)

testing the indian engine ...

after taking the compression of the engine and both cylinders where on 6 Bar  
started to do the Testing of cylinder leakage and valve leakages ..apparently there is a quite big leakage between piston and cylinder , and we also found out that one exhaust valve has leakage !

vineri, 14 septembrie 2012

Caution: Scouty on the fields

after making some rounds in the front of my workshop , i discovered that the engine was running with the pointers cam in the delco mounted wrong (see video )... the cam for the rear cylinder (large one) was actually working for the front cylinder so 180 deg. turn ..and engine is running much better ... pushrod adjustments , pointer adjustments , carb adjustments and all the little nice adjustments that can be done for a 70 year old engine !

packed the Indian together and went out for a second test drive on the fields , to see how everything works and make some longer rounds without brakes ( still missing the brake cams ) ! The ruff terrain helped checking out the great seat springs of the seat and how the front end works ...

i was also very curious to play more with the foot clutch , hand sifter , and reverse gas-grip !

after getting used to all  this ,  will I still  be able to ride the Ducati with the usual controls ?

miercuri, 12 septembrie 2012

00' in the night ...

still mounting the tanks , adjusting float level ... etcetc ...:)

test ride


Added the kickstarter , gasgrip , ignition , seat springs clamp , all the small brass parts for oil and gastank !

miercuri, 5 septembrie 2012

Scouty on 19 inch wheels

Taking a first look  on the Indian scout 741 on 19'inch  wheels ... and yes we love it ...

luni, 3 septembrie 2012

...Indian scout 741 19 inch wheels

So today I sandblasted the wheel rim , powder-coated it to the preferred color ...and ....
The Scouty Has some cool Wheels

and YEssssss

I found some good length spokes on a vintage  wheel and a nice Dunlop  19 ' rim , all in a good friends yard ... i was just going to ask but since i already found them :) Back to the workshop with the stuff  on the sporty Brat !
Van's really suck in the summer :)

Greasy Sunday

Well now, i got back to my Indian Scout ,  but i was in need of special length spokes because of using 19' inch rims instead 18 inch ( OEM ) so .. i woke up on a Sunday morning and asked myself if there isn't any other way to solve my problem with the spokes and one 19 inch rim  that where still missing for my project !