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vineri, 14 septembrie 2012

Caution: Scouty on the fields

after making some rounds in the front of my workshop , i discovered that the engine was running with the pointers cam in the delco mounted wrong (see video )... the cam for the rear cylinder (large one) was actually working for the front cylinder so 180 deg. turn ..and engine is running much better ... pushrod adjustments , pointer adjustments , carb adjustments and all the little nice adjustments that can be done for a 70 year old engine !

packed the Indian together and went out for a second test drive on the fields , to see how everything works and make some longer rounds without brakes ( still missing the brake cams ) ! The ruff terrain helped checking out the great seat springs of the seat and how the front end works ...

i was also very curious to play more with the foot clutch , hand sifter , and reverse gas-grip !

after getting used to all  this ,  will I still  be able to ride the Ducati with the usual controls ?

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