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miercuri, 12 februarie 2014

First run after the snow .

I have also tested the new 16T chain sprocket that replaced the old 14T sprocket ,and as i have expected  cruising speed got higher  ! Nice !
I have also mounted the original shape ammunition box on the left side of the  front fender .

miercuri, 5 februarie 2014

Indian seat refurbishing ..

After i got my spare seat for my 741 , i realized that mine was hardly modified by somebody during the years , so i have hammered  it back to the Oem shape ,sandblasted it ,  and powder coated it to black . 
much more comfort now :)
I have ridden bikes with suspension frames much more rigid that the oem hard-tailed Indian ...
the seat and springs are one  design icon of Indian Motorcycles  , beautiful and comfy !

One day hope to find the time to build the leatherwork also :) untill then , for me , it is perfect to ride the powder-coated steel saddle  :)

Indian 101/741 wheels re/ building

I have started  with an original 741 front wheel  , New spoke set , old straight 741 rims.
First step was sandblasting, primer coating , riveting the hub to the drum  , rectifying the hubs to have the brake line aligned with the bearings of the hub so there is no wobble when braking    , painted them in Matt Cherry Red , new spoke sets  on , and here we go :