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luni, 3 iunie 2013

One hell of a lucky Sunday !

I am sometimes going to this swap Meet in our city , where i have just found some nice glass parts ..maybe some interesting tooling sometimes ( but very rare ) .

For 5 years now i am going to that swap meet  i have found only ones , some springs for an NSU seat , so there are very few chances to find old bike parts over-there ....and generally in Romania

This Sunday i just went there together with  Paulie & Vlad  (  )  to check the swap meet out .
Somewhere in the middle of this swap , between a lot of modern car parts , furniture , used out modern  tooling ,and all the nonsense you could imagine,   there they where , lying on the asphalt between other metals , and waiting for me to come . 

So i did find a  USA military Front fender blackout light ( nicer that the One i already have ...smaller ) , and rear stop lamp for my indian !!! All parts in Original PAINT !
in the set also a nice Jaeger  Speedometer  , that i think , was used together with the lamps on a Jeep Willys or some American war machine !

If anybody can tell anything about the Speedo please do , it is not for sale,   i just want to know more about it ! Brand is Jaeger (made in France ) serial : 63895 has With-ford   thread not metric !

As i was just asking ironically  Paulie on the road to the swap : Man i do not have any money with me ... do you have some ? maybe we find  some Indian Motorcycle parts and there will be no money, :))

 conclusion : Karma  Works  , Positive thinking works !

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