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duminică, 12 februarie 2012

Got my Indian scout 741 motorcycle 7 years ago .. from Polland ... I think this Indians where carried on ships in the second world war  , together with other war equipment,  to Europe , to help fighting Za ' Nazis ! :)
So here we are after all the Nazi falling bombs and fighting Zundapp's  , here it is in my workshop with the frame in peaces and over 15  small cracks !

Going by the book .. finally the frame is done , did the alignment of the frame !

I was missing a frame  part totally !  the  casting under the seat  ... couldn't find only complete frames for sale !
Mr . Moen from I.P.E. encouraged me to build the missing part by myself ...together with a nice story of this bikes !
thx Mr Moen !

Still missing a lot of scout 741 details ... I will upload it here later a list  , so maybe someone has something at home for me !

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