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joi, 14 iulie 2011

The Oppozit Church ...

Bastybikes is presenting the 1-st worldwide Ural custom parts Brand : Oppozit Church !

It is going back to the roots of my motorcycle passion ... the Oppozit engine also called boxer engine ... The Rat was my first bike I really could legaly ride .... so the Rat took me to school and in a lot of nice places ....

Now That we have the modern and much more reliable Urals all over the world ... I got a lot of orders from worldwide Ural owners for my parts ready to fit on this bikes ... I decided to start and develop my work for this really cool brand ...

Urals Can kick asses! So i started to build the OPPOZIT CHURCH , the church for oppozit gearheads ! the Oppozit Church concept will also have a Webpage with a Webshop where You will find goodies for your ural as : spring seats , battery boxes , sidestands , tanks , springer fork , handlebars and a lot of other small details for the urals .

I am also developing a frame that will really transform the Ural wolf into a bad ass oldschool bobber ...

Bastybikes will stay the same ! An Isolated man in a workshop , doing his passion and playing with tools in peace , beside that , also sleeping / eating / ETC all in the workshop !

Oppozit Church will help developing this motorcycle brand "Ural" ...

I promised me to change the concept of this brand (Ural) into the concept of what Harley Davidson is for a lot of people.... a cool bike that you can change in anything you want ...and go far !

Oppozit church will also have a dealer in USA !

Dealers / Priests wanted Worldwide !

For Dealer / Priest application pls contact ... :)

For any other sugestions on this concept pls contact ! it really helps !

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