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luni, 2 decembrie 2013

Vointa sibiu speedway Team visiting our workshop.

I was fascinated about speedway races since i saw the first video of them .Beside the great courage the drivers have and the great skills you need,  to shake the bike down and drive like mad drifting the corners . there is something else too.
Motorcycle Vintage Customizing scene is inspired by building custom-bikes with the speedway look . so i thought it is a good oportunity to get to have a closer look to this bikes.

the main key workd for speedway bikes:
methanol fuel
total loss oil system
58 HP / 72 KG  one hell of a good HP /KG relationship.
NO BRAKE ! ( no problems , they say )
NO GEARBOX  there is only a clutch . so gearing is made from pinions .

23 inch frot wheel , 19 inch rear wheel .

Great bike , that really needs a lot of balls to be ridden as it used to be.

Now that the VOINTA SIBIU speedway Racing club has re-opened  we hope to get there next season and see some race going on ! Everybody is welcome !!!!
here is a link to theyr facebook account :

here some pictures with the guys envolved .

A very talented 14 jear old Boy from Sibiu / Romania  , that is already competing on a much more newer  Jawa than the one they had with them .
hope to post in the summer some races / and podiums from him !
he started the Jawa up for me (& my neighbors :) )  to hear some methanol power noise .
he was so confidet in action and handling the bike . we where very impressed.

                                          Basty & the Racing speedway team Vointa sibiu ...

                                     The young man :)

They have brought this late 70's Jawa with them , hoping that one day i will rebuild  the esthetics's part of it , and take it as a show-bike to their races . the bike has a lot of nostalgia and history in the club :

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  1. Nice story! I hope Romanians will appreciate one day these modern days heroes. And i hope next year i will buy a bike too and maybe will get some dirt flying...

  2. Paulie , I Hope the same . and i also hope that WE can be there , to support them , when there will be Races !
    Best regards

  3. More info!