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vineri, 6 decembrie 2013

playing with Copper, one of our favourite metal .

                           and hoping to get to a nice handmade copper gastank for Mr Vova's new

                                     Ironhead EX project " Indy Knuck" made by   Daytona Twins Romania Bucharest !
                                                     That got now,  a new look .

3 comentarii:

  1. ...and btw...
    what happened to tha daytona twins shop in bucuresti?
    i had visited them, about 2 years ago or so..
    and they were saying: we have new projects... we r opening soon...
    and then nothing!!!

    is it possible that they've changed location????

    1. HY there Chris
      Nothing happened To them , they are still there , still wrenching on nice bikes & cars & hot rods.
      They have new projects as you can see ,:)
      Talk to mr Vova .

      Location is the same ,tabacarilor str .!