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luni, 11 martie 2013

Norton Atlas 750 SS Tune Up racer !

A beautiful basis for building one  Bad ass Cafe Racer one day !
It is powered by an Norton Atlas 750 ss engine , but it has a lot of Tune ups made in the 70's and 80's By the man that rode this Motorbike for more than 30 years!
Bigger diameter intake Valves , double Dellorto  vintage racing Carbs , Bigger Bore ( the old man estimates around 900cc , Artizanal cylinder !
The frame/ transmission  is comming from the Norton dominator 650 ... so the bike is already a hybrid :)
First Kick , and it was rumbling ! A real Tune Up Rocker Machine !

                                               Norton Atlas 750 SS 80's tune up Sound !  music !

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